All Prices are stated Singapore Dollars (SGD)

The Currency is just a measurement


1. Full payment via 

1.1: All major cards.

 2. Deposit via 

2.1: Placing a minimum deposit to secure a pre-order, balance amount will be collected just before the item gets ship out from the studio. 

3. Installment plan via

3.1: A minimum deposit amount will be collected from your payment card on day of purchase, balance amount can be split into installment payment up to 6 months term and 9 months for certain pre orders only.

4 Tax 5%
4.1: To match up all the competitive prices out there, there will be a change to our prices for the upcoming POs. 
4.2: From now on, all prices on the website will be meant for SG Bank Transfers only, this will help us to bring all our prices to a very competitive level to match the others that does not run on a eCommerce platform. 
For overseas customers or customers who wish to use credit card payment or auto installment program via, there will be a 5% fee being charged on the price to merely cope with the fees. 
Avolounge sells at SGD100 dollar purchase for bank transfer. For online payers you will be charged SGD105.
However i am pretty sure we will be able to offer a very competitive price in a way that XXX company will be selling item at SGD120, so in anyway we will still be better priced then them.

5. Singapore Bank Only (Singapore Only)

5.1: Check out with "Bank Deposit". You may choose to pay a deposit 30% (unless otherwise stated) 
5.2: Upon check out, you will receive a notice of advise and instructions for you to make payment via bank transfer or "Pay now". Upon checking out, please make payment and provide proof of payment within 24 hours, otherwise, your order may be cancelled by Avolounge without any prior notice. 
5.3: If you having trouble, directly contact CK +65 9227 5262 whatsapp or telegram. E-Mail:
5.4: If you have forgotten the 4.2 and paid full amount without following the instructions,  Avolounge will still charged it as 100% amount instead of 97%. There will not have any refund within 24 hours.