Terms & Conditions (International)


Any cancellation made after the order will result in a 40% penalty fee subjected to approval, if cancellation was made 48 hours after the completion notice* have been advise, a 80% penalty will be charged. If a full payment has already been made, the balance amount will be refunded within 14 business days subjected to your bank's processing time.
Note: 5% fee Partial.ly fee will strictly non-refundable.
PS. If there has been no response from you within 14 days after shipping quotation and notification has been sent, your order will be deemed as abandoned and will be relist for other potential buyers to purchase, there will be no refund for any paid amount for an abandoned order. (You may wish to still contact us after 14 days to check if your item is still available, we may still be able to ship your order out if the item has not been sold to another buyer.)

You may contact us and find out estimate shipping cost.

*Join our discord group to check for completion notice
- https://discord.gg/UvFSjZT7vB (Main group)
- https://discord.gg/RV7NYFxvSq
^ (Order number due for balance, production completed)

Shipping Fee

Cost of shipping will be email to international customers from avolounge.sg@gmail.com (Kindly add this email to your mailbox list so that it will not go to spam) and a link will be opened on this page - https://avol.sg/products/shipping-fee-payment-link or the item page itself (Usually for US customers), stating DHL Shipping Fee to United States only *NON-REFUNDABLE" and Ocean Freight Shipping Fee to United States only *NON-REFUNDABLE", kindly take note that only customers who have had the product purchased are allowed to pay for the shipping fees, otherwise the order will be made invalid and no refund will be provided. 


Shipping to Russia private individual address is only available for parcel size within 30cm x 60cm x 40cm. The maximum length is 60cm. Otherwise, shipping to Russia private individuals is not allowed only corporate entities and organisations is allowed. Custom tax will be invoiced to the company indicated in the shipping address.


Once the product arrive to Avolounge Warehouse, we will inform you via E-mail or phone contacts, however if we are not able to get your acknowledgement, Avolounge will send a final e-mail to your mailbox, from the day of the send, you are given 14 days to acknowledgement, if there are no response within this 14 days, your payment for the order will be fortified.


  • If any item is damaged in transit we will first seek to replace the item at no cost to the customer.  If there are no replacements, the customer can select one of these two options:
    1. Return the damaged item and receive a refund in full.
    2. Have the item professionally repaired by our artist at no cost to the buyer.
If an item is lost in transit, a full refund or replacement will be given to the customer.